Rhythm Teacher: Music beats




Do you want to play your instrument with perfect timing? Do you play guitar, piano, drums or any kind of music instrument? Tired of boring practice? Learn to play any instrument and how to read music is a difficult task that requires lots of practice. But the practice dont have to be boring. Rhythm teacher its the perfect tool for your music education. This rhythm game teaches you how to read music in a fun and easy way. Its perfect for your rhythm training With a bit of practice on every level youll learn that sight reading is easier than you thought. Its like having a music school on your device. In this application youll learn from how many beats are contained in each bar and which note value is given to one beat, to advanced concepts in reading music. Improve your music sight reading with the exercises ranging from easy 4/4 simple rhythms to complex compasses of two rhythmic lines at the same time. This app includes the definition for every music concept introduced in increasing difficulty, from beginner to pro. Also, you can log into your Google play account to measure your progress with other players. Features: • Simple and understandable explanation for every new music rhythm concept introduced. • Fun rhythm game experience for practicing the exercises that will teach you how to read music. • Polyrhythm exercises with two lines at the same time. • Gradual progression on the difficulty of the music theory concepts introduced. • Leader-board with the scores acquired to watch your progress. • Can be used by any number of different users. • Google play support to post your scores online. • A new way to practice for your instrument: Piano, violin, guitar... Even if you are a drummer/percussionist. Lessons include: ★ Note and rest duration: whole (semibreve), half (minim), quarter (crotchet ), eighth (quaver), sixteenth (semiquaver). ★ Dotted notes. ★ Tied notes. ★ Triplets. ★ Off-beat notes. ★ Syncopation. ★ Anacrusis. ★ Simple time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4... ★ Compound time signatures: 6/8, 9/8... Translated to: * Inglés: Rhythm Teacher * Español: Ritmo y solfeo.