"Elegant" watch face pack 4 for Bubble Clouds

DYNA Logix



This theme pack works with Bubble Cloud Launcher for Android Wear (version 6.93 or higher). Please update main app to most recent version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dyna.logix.bookmarkbubblesThemes work with the free version of the launcher, you dont need Premium upgrade for the Themes to work. Android Wear 2.0 ready (standalone version available) CONTENTS:► 5 fonts (Arbutus, Mama, Oswald, Palanquin, Teko)► 5 clock bubble designs (Aristocratic, Attic, Blanc, Carbonic, Electric)► 20 matching background textures (10 favorites, 10 archive)► 10 matching themed bubbles for creating consistent looking watch faces► all 5 analog clock designs now include beautifully styled seconds hands► Both for round and square watch shapes► NEW: no Android phone necessary, also works with Bubble Clouds Android Wear 2.0 Standalone version► (icon packs shown in screenshots are not included) Please refer to the screenshots. 1-click apply any of the 10 quick styles, or mix-and-match components for unlimited variations.  HOW TO USE:Before purchasing this Theme pack:1. Install Bubble Cloud Launcher on your Android Wear watch2. Confirm that it works correctly.3. Please watch the product video on how to apply the themes in Bubble Cloud Launcher COMPATIBILITY:► Compatible with all Android Wear watches► NOT compatible with other smartwatches, which are not specifically running "Android Wear"► NOT compatible with "Android" watches (only "Android Wear")► NOT compatible with Samsung watches (except the "Gear Live")► NOT compatible with Samsung "Android" watches► NOT compatible with Sony SmartWatch 2 (only "SW3")ANDROID WEAR WATCHES: (these are tested compatible)► Huawei Watch► Moto 360 (Gen 1 + 2 + Sport)► LG G Watch, G Watch R, Watch Urbane 1 + 2► ASUS ZenWatch 1 + 2 + 3► Sony SmartWatch 3► Fossil Q Founder► Casio Smart Outdoor► TAG Heuer Connected► or newer watches (NOT Samsung Tizen/Gear) ANDROID WEAR ≠ ANDROIDAndroid Wear is not Android. There are watches which run the Android operating system, but they dont run Android Wear. Please see this page for more info about Android Wear: https://www.android.com/wear/Please look at this list of apps in the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/ANDROID_WEARThey were all made for "Android Wear" and not for "Android". None of these will work on your "Android" watch. My app is such an app.#BCLTP