Fast Taxi City Adventure 2015



Get to experience the york life feeling of being a city taxi driver. York life people are always in a rush so dont city travel too much because time means money. Your game missions in this is taxi driver game is to help the york life people get on time towards their destinations. Just like being a real taxi driver you cant do too much city travel because the cab meter needs to keep on running. Time is really of the essence in this taxi driver game. Being a taxi driver in a big city like New York and London you have the responsibility to drive carefully and make sure your york life customers get towards their destination on time. Be careful means not to crash your cab and not causing damage to other people, other vehicles. Park your cab taxi between the lines so your passengers can get in the cab taxi. Then carefully drive your passengers towards their destinations. Please mention that time is of the essence and you cannot break the law. Most other city driving games like car simulation games and truck simulation games just let you drive around and park your vehicle. This taxi driver game is different in that matter. While playing this taxi driver game you get to really do pick ups and drop offs Other city driving games will look boring compared to this cab driver game. Awesome and realistic city traffic. If you want to capture that real cab driver game experience and you are done with playing these other boring city driving games like car simulation games and truck simulation games then its time to press download and feel like a real city taxi driver while playing this cab driver game Fast Taxi City Adventure 2015 - KEY FEATURES - real life city taxi driver feeling playing this city driving game. - awesome city traffic and city worlds to drive your cab around - awesome on-screen steering wheel, accelerate / brake pedals and control - 20 exciting city driving levels each with its own parking challenge in this - the taxi driver game extended version will follow - more city driving games will follow. Join our facebook to keep getting these updates. Were on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates: Facebook - Twitter -

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