Campaign Clicker

Springloaded Ltd.



Trump Vs Clinton Its the political battle of the decade Take on the role of a campaign manager working for the party of your choice. (play a little to unlock Bernie, or Ted) • Intense tapping action as you try to win over the majority of the American voters • Stay up to date with the real-life action, as the candidates use real quotes pulled live from their Twitter feeds. Cast your vote See how you can impact the world, as your taps contribute to a global leaderboard. Check in at any time and see which players are putting the most energy into supporting • Get your point across Have something to say? Tweet it to us @campaignclicker along with the candidate you want to talk about. If we re-tweet you, your words will appear inside the game for everyone to see Never before has an app blurred the lines between real political debate and the awesomeness of a videogame Level up your campaign profile, discover secret characters and dont stop collecting votes The future is in your fingers Permissions required: - AccessCoarseLocation: This app requires access to you approximate location in order for our partners to serve relevant adverts for your region. - ReadExternalStorage and WriteExternalStorage: Cache adverts in background for seamless viewing ads experience

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