Calendar Sync for Facebook




This app is COMPLETELY FREE. In-app billing is for donation purposes only. All features of this app are completely free for all users. This app is compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) or newer devices. Having trouble with this app? --or-- Visit the new support page on Facebook: This is a Facebook calendar sync app written for Android. I looked everywhere on the Android app store for a Facebook sync app that worked as its own calendar provider. Rather than syncing with the Google calendar, this app generates its own calendar within Android for syncing and storing Facebook events. The app stores Facebook events in 5 calendars: Events Im Attending: Contains events the user has RSVPd as Going Events I May Be Attending: Contains events the user has RSVPd as Maybe Events I Am Not Attending: Contains events the user has RSVPd as Not Going Events I Have Not Responded To: Contains events the user has been invited to but not responded to Friends Birthdays: Users friends birthdays How to manage the display of calendars you are interested in: Benefits: - Sync issues with Google services do not cause ghosted or duplicate events - Use this app on all your Android devices without worrying about collisions between sync processes on multiple devices - Use of Androids built-in account management, sync, and calendar APIs improves sync reliability and battery life on your device Features: Android 4.0.3+: - Set sync schedule: Set how often the app will sync with Facebook. This is not an exact setting, since the SyncAdapter is controlled by Android directly, but Android will do its best to sync at your desired sync rate. - Calendar colors: Choose a user-defined color for each of the five calendars the app creates. Android 4.1+: - Custom app link: Adds Facebook link to all events created by this app. Requires your calendar app to support CUSTOM_APP_URI. The default Google Calendar app does this by adding a button just after the event description. Link will take the user to the Facebook event page (if clicked in an event) or friends Facebook profile (if clicked in a friends birthday). I am actively working on developing/improving this app. Please provide any comments/issues/suggestions so I can make this a better utility for Android Facebook users everywhere: Android Permissions Required: INTERNET: Used to contact Facebooks servers for event info AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, GET_ACCOUNTS, MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS: required to create and manage a FacebookCalendarSync account in Androids Accounts and Sync system. READ_CALENDAR, WRITE_CALENDAR: Used to write Facebook events into the Android calendar database. WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS, READ_SYNC_SETTINGS: required in order to set the amount of time between sync requests READ_LOGS: used by the debug tools to allow the user to send logs to the developer ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: in order to sync only on WiFi, app needs to check whether user is connected to WiFi WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: In-app trouble ticket system allows users to attach screenshots or other images to help illustrate problems they are having with the app. Facebook Permissions Required: user_events: required to access users events to put them on the calendar user_friends: required to access users friends list, in order to put friends birthdays on calendar email: required to properly set RSVP status. Googles calendar app color codes events based on the RSVP status of the users email user_birthday: required to access users birthday to put on calendar

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