Galactic Empires Age of Battle

SeaZone Games, Inc.



Real Time Action Strategy Game With the new update we are opening up a brand new UNIVERSE so play now and be one of the first to claim your power, grow your empire and conquer the universe. Play Galactic Empires: Age of Battle and join people from around the world in this real time action packed online space war game. Extremely addicting game thats easy to play but will take you time to master. “This is a perfect balance of Strategy and Action” Come play and chat with players all over the world, all in real-time. Build your empire, create entire planets and moons, research new technologies, control your fleet of millions of ships, launch interplanetary missiles, go into warp speed and destroy your enemies. Conquer the galaxy and wipe out your enemies FEATURES AND GAME OPTIONS Free to play online MMO S RPG Strategy (Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy and Role Playing Game) Build enormous fleets of the most powerful battle ships Develop state-of-the-art defensive systems Research new technology to out think your enemies Fight as a team to take down larger players Forge alliances, trade resources, plan a strategy and wage war on your enemies Build your own moons all over the galaxy and launch attacks Play in fast-pace tournaments and win HUGE PRIZES Battle against other empires as you struggle to gain the materials you need to survive

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