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iMedJelly is an application that provides daily and real-time information about the jellyfish presence on the catalan coast. In this application you will find: - Daily report of the state and jellyfish presence on the beaches (species and abundance) of the catalan coast during the summer season. Information is validated by experts from the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) in real time. Information includes the species, its abundance and the risk level that this represents for bathers. - First aid protocols in case of jellyfish sting for the most frequent species of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. - Contact form for the bathers affected by stings to communicate with the experts in dermatology and toxicology of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona to carry out a personalized follow-up of the stings. These data will also help in the research carried out in the framework of the RECLAIMED Project. - Detailed information on the most frequent species of jellyfish and gelatinous animals of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, as well as a species image gallery to facilitate identification. - Citizen Science Section called “Get involved” with forms to send your sightings and photographs to the experts of the Institute of Marine Sciences - CSIC. - Website available at Offered by Institut de Ciències del Mar – CSIC

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