Garden Island: Farm Adventure

Candy Corp



In this green farm dreamland, spring never ends. You are out in the country, growing crops, produce goods and reap them when the time is right. PITCHFORK FRENZY IS THE BARNYARD GAME WHERE YOU CAN RAISE, HARVEST AND CULTIVATE GOODS With this task, you are not let alone: A roth spotted canny little gnome is here to help you toil with his trident or pitchfork and nurture your produce You can also play with friends and help them removing shabby produce or harvest rare crops at their barn with your trident. May spring never end With over 10,000,000 downloads and an average rating above 4.5 stars we can say: users love our games Why dont you also become part of our community? Find some neighbors for your barn Wed love to see you and your trident around cultivating produce Dont be afraid, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW and have a chat with us In “Garden Island”, you can grow hay and harvest crops the other day Grow over 40 different crops on your personal farm - this game is a charm By petting your animal workers, you can wake them up if they sleep No need for them to dream about the land, THIS IS THE DEAMLAND This country loving barnyard game FEATURES: ♥ Raise funny animals (like a peacock) and feed them crops you harvest on your farm. ♥ Your farm works for you night and day, harvest the crops and other produce when you want. ♥ Cute little gnomes will lend you a helping hand each day on this dreamland barnyard. ♥ You can grow and farm precious crops, such as hay or rare veggies on your barn. ♥ Play with your friends: send them hay, help them harvest or grow new produce Tasks you can accomplish in this green dreamland: ✔ Produce rare crops and sell them to your neighbors ✔ Grow your barnyard to become a real huge farm ✔ Make plants and procuce spring and sell your rich harvest ✔ Make this frenzy country a more beautiful place and nurture the soil ✔ Use your pitchfork to plow rare veggies ✔ Reap produce like fruits before they get shabby ✔ Let the roth spotted peacock toil for you Unk :) ✔ Cultivate and nurture crops. ✔ Canny use your trident to harvest rare goods. ✔ Raise veggies and nurture them. ✔ Motivate your cute animal workers by petting them. ✔ Use a lovely peacock instead of a scarecrow with a trident to. ✔ Protect your barnyard from the bad guys. This game is free to play every day, but you can purchase in-app items with real hay (=money). Kids, ask your parents before buying YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME IF YOU ... ... want to live in a farm dreamland ... like to cultivate goods ... what to enjoy the adventures of Mr. Peacock DOWNLOAD NOW

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