FunTime Finger Paints

MapleScot Development


FunTime Finger Paints is a nice simple painting/drawing app for kids. The design is simple. There is a palette of colours at the top to choose from and buttons to - Change the palette - Change the brush size - Select pen - Select Brush - Select Eraser - Start a new picture - Share the picture - Bring up the help/about box The first screenshot shows where each button is. Press the palette button to get see other sets of colours. Press the size button to change the line size. The share button allows you to share your childs picture via other apps e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Any app which can take an image. You can also share to the photos app to save the picture for the future. We hope your child has lots of fun drawing. There are other FunTime apps too please take a look. FunTime Finger Paints is a companion app to FunTime Cards For Kids