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Get the latest online Ghana news link inside this app. We cover 77 news sources from Ghana and around the world We hope that this app will give you insight about Ghana news / entertainment / sports / government / people / business and many more easily. Live life to the fullest :- ) We love Ghana. ADDITION OF MANY AWESOME FEATURES: 1) Note 2) Audio record 3) Calendar 4) Countdown timer for 2019 5) Goal tracker 6) Barcode scanner 7) QR Code scanner 8) Scoreboard 9) Digital signature and many more. PS: All the newspapers sources inside this app are the property of the newspaper company owners itself. We only put the link here for the convenience of us to view it in one place. Nothing else. We hope to make life easier, we hope :-) Any feedback / comments / arguments / reports / objections , please contact us. We appreciate your feedback Thanks.

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