Jesus Live Wallpaper




Jesus Christ loves you Dont make life harder than it needs to be. Life is hard enough. Trust Jesus to be Lord and Master over every area of your life. Download this heavenly beautiful Jesus Live Wallpaper application and remember that God is always with us no matter how hard our life is. This FREE app will bring you hope and joy and it will never let you down. ============================================================ How to install: Home - Press Menu - Select Wallpapers - Select Live Wallpapers - Select Jesus Live Wallpaper from the list ============================================================ This wonderful Jesus Christ live wallpaper has a wonderful background of blue sky and clouds and the image of Jesus that appears from the clouds and fades away, then reappears after a couple of seconds. It reminds you that many times we seem to lose our religion but there is always a proof that God is in all of us and gives us hope and strength to survive the hardest times. What is the trial for you today? What is your tribulation? Have you found the secret to peace, the knowledge that Christ has overcome the world so no matter what your affliction you have a lasting hope? Christ is victorious over sin and Satan Christ is victorious over death and Hell Christ has promised eternal blessings to the adopted children of God Believer, have peace Christ has overcome the world. For questions, comments and suggestions related to Jesus Live Wallpaper application please email me at Please rate the app if you like it - thanks