C25K Running AccuTrainer

Corusen LLC

Health & Fitness


AccuTrainer is a running trainer for beginners that teaches you how to get the most out of your workout. It has 4 running programs that will train you to be able to run with greater endurance and distance. You can increase your running distance by 1 mile, 2 miles, or 3 miles (C25K: distance and time based 5km) with the help of Accutrainer. It uses both an accelerometer (G-sensor) and a GPS to measure your running distance. Use the accelerometer sensor when GPS is not available. ++++ Features ++++ ● Running programs: 1 mile (4 weeks), 2 mile (4 weeks), 5km C25K (9 weeks). ● Running distance measurement using both the GPS and accelerometer (G-sensor). ● Running log history: Running map, total time, distance, calories burned, and steps. ● Personalized setting: English/Meter, walking and running steps, and weight. ● Voice instruction and feedback, and progress bar. ++++ Notes ++++ ● Some phones do not support an accelerometer (G-sensor) when the screen is off. Please keep screen on when running. ● It performs best when the phone is on your waist belt for accelerometer based distance measurement. ● The sensitivity of a phone can be different from others. So, choose a sensitivity level that works best for your phone.

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