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Boomer Marketing is a one-point solution for solving Most of small business’ online marketing problems. A small business owner that’s not technically savvy can still: - Create a Website in 5 minutes - Publish to Social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+) in parallel when she adds or updates content on website - Drive traffic to website - Live chat with customers on website - Setup online store (ecommerce website) by easily integrating her favorite payment gateway, logistics partners etc. & much more All this can be done with zero coding skills, Not even drag-and-drop is required. This DIY Website creator helps make a website in just a few minutes. It’s SO Simple, you’ve to try to believe it. As anyone that has tried to build a website from mobile app or PC will tell you it’s too much of a hassle with too many pieces to the puzzle & it’s so difficult to manage it. Further there are numerous components like live chat, reviews, digital marketing, shopping cart, payment gateway etc. that are external & feel disjointed to the “create website” experience. The best part of this app is that the site builder helps create responsive website with facility to easily include royalty-free images from leading image search engines such as Pixabay, Flickr, Google images, into catalogs (products, services, restaurant menu items), updates, offers & so on, to make your website the best website in that category & also give it rich, professional website feel. While it’s nice to build Free website, or online store, the key to any business is to drive traffic to it. By readily integrating digital marketing seamlessly into Boomer Marketing app, we’ve been able to make life easy for business owners, managers to simultaneously update social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) while publishing to the website, say a new catalog item, service, or special offer. When your target audience visits your website, he/she would be able to reach out to you in real-time via live chat, or calls features (currently available only on Android version). The business can have multiple managers to respond to customer queries in real-time (e.g. day-shift, night-shift manager), creating customer loyalty. There is also Live Review plugin that comes built-in, which helps you respond to customer feedback in real-time as well. What’s more if a particular review is good, it can be instantly published to your website as a Customer Testimonial at the touch of a button. You can disable or enable various parts of website (live chat plugin, live review plugin, pictures, offers etc) very easily, based on your specific requirement. In addition there are numerous integrations that are locally popular depending on your country, such as: - Wallets, Payment Gateways (PayPal, PayU, Doku, Atom, PesoPay) - Logistics (GoSend, XEND) - Bulk SMS Service providers - Domain Registration / Mapping - Email that can be seamlessly integrated for best & more importantly easily conduct your complete online marketing, and order fulfillment. What’s more the app is designed from ground-up to completely create & manage website, and interact with customers in real-time.. All from this one app, and it is incredibly easy-to-use. Get Your Business Online today using Boomer Marketing app!

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