Let ME Hear Again PRO for Deaf




This app is created as a part of the LET ME HEAR AGAIN project for the deaf. This project is not crowd funded nor supported by any grants,but rather by the personal savings of a handful of people who believe in Good Karma. ★★★ It has received the prestigious App Inventor-App of the Month award from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in United States ★★★ read more about it from here. http://goo.gl/btS9OK Watch this beautiful animated Video to understand the Unique features of this app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDdo4QXuGeY Let ME Hear Again PRO consists of 4 Powerful tools for the Deaf, integrated into one. ★ FACE TO FACE CHAT It is basically the Speech Recognition on Steroids It recognizes conversations in 71 languages and displays the words on screen in the native language itself. Live Translation to 41 languages It has a Talk-Back feature,where the person can type in his reply and the phone will speak it out aloud Features a Full screen Speech to Text Chat with Re-sizable Fonts Auto Speech Recognition mode with custom timer ★ VIRTUAL NOTES This tool has the ability to capture speeches and long conversations and save it as words in Phone memory, after speech recognition It is designed to help Deaf Students and Professionals, and can be used to save Class Lectures, to do lists, Key points from Group discussions & Meetings and so on These saved notes can be edited later if needed, and can even be translated to any language of choice Notes can be shared directly to their friends through the social media ★QUAKE AWAKE ALARM FOR DEAF This alarm when fired,will produce a sound above 100dB (most deaf persons have hearing loss to sounds below 90dB) and vibrates the phone for 2 minutes The combination of Loud sound and Vibration will help the deaf to wake up ★GUARDIAN ANGEL The last tool is intended to save a deaf person from dangerous situations, by alerting him at the right moment. It is a personal watchdog for the deaf person and in this case its a cat called Angel. It is created following a real incident in US where a pit bull dog saved a deaf boy from house fire. This cat can be turned on by setting the timer and the person can continue doing his normal works It will automatically search for loud sounds in the surroundings at the set intervals Once it catches something,it will start crying (meow) at very high intensity and vibrates the phone until the person picks it up __________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT MAKES THIS APP UNIQUE ❤Dedicated customer support.Contact us at letmehearagain@gmail.com for any technical issues ❤ Beautiful and Easy to Use Interface ❤ Universal Device Support-Icons and Images auto re-size to fit the Screen resolution ❤ Completely Ad Free ❤ Do NOT access any Personal Information ❤ Detailed Tutorial Videos and Graphical Help sections FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/let.me.hear.again